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Contact our friendly team at Forest Holidays UK Poland today with any queries you may have about us, our accommodation or to make a reservation.

Ready to book your Forest Holidays UK Poland break? Just follow these 4 easy steps.

Check for flights

Check with Ryanair for return flights from Stansted to Bydgoszcz. You'll need to fly on either a Friday or a Wednesday, with a date that matches our availability.

Reserve your accommodation

Next, you'll need to call us to reserve your preferred accommodation: Forest Lodge or Woodkeepers Cottage. Your reservation will be held for 24 hours.

Book your flights

Once your reservation is held, you're ready to book your flights!  Contact Ryanair to book your tickets for your chosen dates confirmed with us.

Secure your stay

To finalise your booking, simply call us to secure your stay and pay the initial deposit of £40pp. We look forward to seeing you soon!