Things to do on your break with Forest Holidays UK Poland

Walking & Cycling

We have some fantastic walking and biking trails and have mountain bikes ready to go should you wish to try some of them out. We can also provide free backpack, binoculars and flask hire so you can enjoy your hikes and adventures in true comfort.

Foraging for wild food

If you have an interest in foraging and wild food, then this is the holiday for you! From mushrooms to blueberries, there's no better way to immerse yourself in nature than picking and trying the delicious fresh food grown across the land.

European Bison & Lynx Reservation Centre

This is your chance to get up close and personal to these extraordinary beasts – the magnificent bison! We will provide free one-day entry to the Reservation Centre as well as travel to and from so that you can see the amazing animals including bison and lynx.

The local town

Explore the area and experience it like a true local by taking a trip to the local town of Człopa. There are many restaurants to visit, a local supermarket, stunning lakes and more beautiful scenery to soak up. We can provide private travel to and from the town when organised in advance.

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Ready to book your Forest Holidays UK Poland break? Just follow these 4 easy steps.

Check for flights

Check with Ryanair for return flights from Stansted to Bydgoszcz. You'll need to fly on either a Friday or a Wednesday, with a date that matches our availability.

Reserve your accommodation

Next, you'll need to call us to reserve your preferred accommodation: Forest Lodge or Woodkeepers Cottage. Your reservation will be held for 24 hours.

Book your flights

Once your reservation is held, you're ready to book your flights!  Contact Ryanair to book your tickets for your chosen dates confirmed with us.

Secure your stay

To finalise your booking, simply call us to secure your stay and pay the initial deposit of £40pp. We look forward to seeing you soon!